Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meet my Daughter-in-law

I'd like to introduce you to my daughter-in-law Stephanie. Danny & Steph met while both of them were attending Skyview High School in Vancouver, WA. I first met Steph when she called to ask if she and her friend could come over to the house to decorate Dan's bedroom with balloons and posters to ask him to a girl's choice dance. It turned out to be the first of many dances the two of them would attend together. Stephanie was Dan's first love, and now she will be his last. In Dec. of 2008 they were married in downtown Portland in the middle of the biggest snowstorm in over 35 years. It was crazy but their faithful friends and family who could make it helped them celebrate in style. Stephanie was absolutely radiant... really she just glowed and Dan looked like he was going to burst with happiness.

Stephanie was raised in Vancouver. She is tall, slender, and is a calm person. She loves to laugh at Danny's antics, and has a love of purses and shoes :) She is a loyal friend, a great sister to her only sibling Melissa. Steph is a hair stylist in Vancouver, and is good at what she does! We are so thankful to have her as a part of our family and we look forward to filling in the memories as the years go by. We love you Steph... glad to have you join the Mclean Clan!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Afghanistan Reunion

On November 1st, my son Steve (right) left to serve a six month tour of Duty for the Army in Afghanistan. Steve serves as a Captain in the Army Dental Corp. My mind has been on him so much today because of all the preparations our little town is doing to get ready for Veterans Day tomorrow. How thankful I am for our men and women who serve, and have served our country. I guess my eyes have been opened over the last few years as to just how much sacrifice is given by our soldiers and their families. This photo was recently taken of Steve and his cousin Garry McLean, who is justing finishing up his tour of duty. Garry serves in the Air Force and the guys were so happy to see a familiar face so far from home. Thank you Steve and Garry! we love you and appreciate all you are doing so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have. May the Lord keep you safe!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Return With Honor

This week my missionary son Jesse has been on my mind alot... but then he usually is. One of the perks of being the baby in the family! On Oct. 18 it marked the 2 month countdown until he comes home. For Jesse, there are mixed feelings... he really isn't in a hurry to return because he loves what he is doing. Right now Elder McLean is serving in Edinburgh, Texas. He says that sometimes he has to remind himself that he is still living in the USA because this part of Texas is like living in Mexico. Poverty is everywhere, but so is the wonderful hospitality of the Hispanic people. They really have a joy for life, and are always welcoming to the missionaries... they may not always want to hear about the church, but they are kind to them.
I spent a little time this morning thinking about all the changes that I have noticed in Jesse in the two years that he has been away from home. It's amazing how he has grown. It is even more amazing that 19 yr old young men can step out of their comfort zones, and strip themselves of all the trappings of the world, and then rebuild a new life as a servant to their Father in Heaven, and to all the people they will teach and come into contact with. Jesse will tell you that his "sacrifice" is nothing compared to the blessings, and knowledge, and pure joy he has had the opportunity to experience. If I could pick up the phone today and just talk to him for a moment I would tell him, "Well done Jesse... finish strong, work hard, and Return with Honor." For now I will be content with knowing the Lord watches over him, and knowing he is happier than he has ever been in his life. See you in December son... that will be some reunion!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Waiting is Over!

For the past few days I have felt so anxious to find out whether our daughter Sarah was having a girl or a boy. This morning I was greeted by the happy news that Justin and Sarah are going to be welcoming another girl into their family! I immediately called my good husband to let him know the outcome of the ultrasound but he was in a meeting.... Arrrgh... I decided I would send him a text message instead and about 30 minutes later I heard this man chuckling on my phone saying..."So, Pepper's a girl!" (Pepper is a nickname for the baby since at this stage it is the size of a green pepper) We both had a good laugh, and then had a moment of silence for Justin as he will need our support when the Girls World Tour comes of age. (this is their 3rd daughter) I know most of the people that read these blogs are in their 20's and 30's. For you, taking this supense right up to delivery is rare. You are blessed to live in a day and age when you get to know what color to paint the babies room, and what clothes to buy, and what you are going to name your new little darling. When we had"Pepper's" mother, she was my 3rd child as well and I had no idea what I was getting. We were discussing names right up to the last minute. Ummm modern technology...gotta love it! Don't even get me started on epidurals... you lucky buggers! For some reason I lived in the day and age when natural childbirth was the rage.... it was highly overated, and to this day I still have people I should apologize to for verbally abusing them during my labor. I still think I wouldn't trade that experience with the fight each of you has on a daily basis with the car seat. (Can I get an Amen) I think they were made to torture mothers. You have to put your sweet little angel in the backseat where you can't reach to put the pacifier in their mouths, and when they get older they are too far out of range to pinch or give them the eye that means "business". I would like to have the statistices on mothers who are in accidents trying to reach in the backseat to comfort or beat (depednding on the mothering style and circumstance) their little darlings. I love the memory of my Ford LTD wagon that was really in essence a giant traveling playpen. Ah, those were the days!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

An American Adventure - Japanese Style!

I am spoiled. It is just a fact... After spending two amazing weeks in Germany with Steve and Kristine, I now find myself enjoying some wonderful Georgia sunshine, and my chitlins in Canton, GA. Maryn & Brynna, a.k.a. the "busy bee's" were squealing with delight when we drove into the Young driveway. It was so fun to be welcomed with hugs and kisses from our sweet little Georgia Peaches. Sarah & Justin took us out to a fun Japanese Steakhouse where the chef cooks up your meal right in front of you with plenty of fanfare and FIRE! It was freaking Maryn out when the flames would shoot up, and Mark was feeling a bit protective of his eyebrows as he was sure they were scorched. The food was a great and believe me when I tell you this... Brynna ate more than anyone!!!!! You go girl!
This is our chef, he was getting a little messy with the rice!
You better believe that after eating chicken nuggets, miso soup, edamame, shrimp, chicken, fried rice, veggies, and a big cup of milk, Brynna still had room for ice cream!Mmm, that was good, but 'I still hungee!'

This trip is a bit of business and pleasure, and I feel lucky to be tagging along with Mark. Sarah decided it would be great to teach me how to blog as she knows how much I enjoy reading everyone else's. So here is my maiden attempt... I hope the future stories of Barb & Mark will be fun to read and a fun new hobby for this wife, Mom, and Nana! Happy Blogging!